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CERT SYNETIS is composed of incident response experts fully dedicated to this activity and with technical and methodological skills in forensic investigations. The expertise of the analysts has been built through the resolution of numerous security incidents and through recognized training courses such as those of the SANS Institute.

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Security incident: 24/7 response and forensic analysis

When an incident or abnormal events are detected on your information system, CERT SYNETIS accompanies you throughout the removal of doubt or the investigation. Our teams use standards such as the NIST cyberframework as guidelines, allowing an optimal response and support of the crisis on the following aspects

Our experts also accompany you during the deployment of EDR during an intervention, in order to monitor the evolution of the threat on your information system live during and after the resolution of the incident. A report including the analyses carried out and the facts observed will be given to you following our intervention.

CERT subscription - Anticipation and preparation for security incidents

CERT SYNETIS proposes the implementation of a hotline and dedicated means before the detection of an incident. This service, tailor-made, guarantees an intervention of our CERT as soon as possible with an upstream knowledge of your Information System in order to be operational in the shortest possible time.

This subscription consists of 2 main phases:

  • Implementation of a 24/7 on-call line with dedicated SLA definition;

  • Creation of early privileged (disabled) access to your information system;

  • Creating a customized incident response plan;

  • Optional awareness-raising for employees (technical and non-technical profiles).


  • Reactive monitoring;

  • Support and intervention in case of request, in less than 3 hours;

  • Quarterly Synchronization Points;

  • Analysis report for each CERT intervention (incident or suspected incident).

For more information or in case of incident, do not hesitate to contact us, by email at cert@synetis.com or by phone at 02 30 21 31 04.

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