Implementation of your projects

As a consulting and technological expertise firm dedicated to Cybersecurity, Synetis supports its customers in the deployment of their IAM solutions.

Synetis can handle the integration of solutions, from the functional & technical design phase through to production deployment and data initialization.

In terms of integration and deployment strategy, there are two distinct approaches depending on the context:

  • Deployment of a solution, without an existing platform beforehand :
  • Here, we are talking about the first implementation of a Digital Identity service within the customer’s firm
  • In this case, we go for an MVP (minimum viable product) approach comprising a basic platform …. and we build on this to gradually broaden this Digital Identity service, in order to deliver new features by iteration.
  • For the project to succeed, it is essential that users adhere willingly to this new Digital Identity service; their enthusiastic and early embrace of the service can make it easier to identify priorities to be taken into account right from the first iteration of the platform.
  • Migration from an existing service to a new service :
  • When replacing an existing solution, we need to define a migration strategy ; this might include a “double run” phase to minimize risk at the time of the switchover or to get a rudimentary but value-added service up and running faster.
  • Migration projects should not be seen as doing the same thing as before just a tittle bit better thanks to a new product or to resolve a problem of technical obsolescence; rather, such migrations should be an opportunity to start afresh to match needs that will have evolved over time.
  • Thus, we need to take into account feedback from the field as well as changes to the initial solution.
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State of the art

In parallel with the integration of the IAM solution, many organizational or functional issues should be led up by the Project-Owner Support Team so as to ensure the success of the project. Synetis has a dedicated team with real expertise in IAM projects to support the project through the different phases:
  • Ensure that the needs analysis is exhaustive and that it covers the expectations of the various business lines of the customer’s company.
  • Verify that the solution corresponds to the expectations during the acceptance phase. Moreover, this verification should be done regardless of our approach (i.e. classic V-Cycle methodological approach, or Agile approach based on sprints).
  • Anticipate data-quality problems by addressing this issue pro-actively before the service is opened
  • Monitor the deployment of the solution over time, preparing the data initialization phase and monitoring the launch and evolution of the service
  • Implement change management, which is a major factor of success, including awareness raising, communication, training, evaluation of user satisfaction, etc.
  • Pilot the project and coordinate the different actors involved to ensure that commitments are met (quality, timeline, SLAs, etc.).
Synetis handles the various integration and business analysis activities for IAM projects in all domains (IGA, AM, PAM, CIAM, DAG) and for major digital identity technologies, whether they general-public software publishers or global software publishers specialized in digital identity or French software publishers focused on IAM.