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As a consulting and technological expertise firm dedicated to Cybersecurity, Synetis supports its customers in the deployment of their IAM solutions.

Synetis handles theintegration of solutions, from the functional and technical design phase to the deployment in production and theinitialization of data.


In terms of integration and deployment strategy, two distinct approaches exist depending on the context:

Deployment of a solution without an existing platform:

Migration from an existing service to a new service:

State of the art

In parallel with the integration of the IAM solution, many organizational or functional issues must be addressed by the project management team to ensure the success of the project. Synetis has a dedicated team with real expertise in IAM projects to support the project during the various phases:

Synetis provides various integration and project management activities for IAM projects in all areas (IGA, AM, PAM, CIAM, DAG) and for the major digital identity technologies, whether they are generalist publishers, global publishers specializing in the field of digital identity or French players focused on IAM.

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