Operational Security

Deploying technological solutions
to protect and monitor your IS


respond to our customers' requests, particularly for SOC MSSP activities and protection of M365, AD and AAD environments.

Each new technology integrated into your information system (IS) comes with intrinsic vulnerabilities, and the deployment of security components remains only a patch if they are not mastered. At the same time, the evolution, the complexity and the multiplication of cyber threats lead today to an overload of the teams responsible for IT security - which are most often understaffed in front of the numerous alerts and existing threats.

Our Operational Security activity (or SecOp) responds to all of these challenges by accompanying your digital transformation through the implementation of progressive and pragmatic security. We can support you byestablishing good securitypractices - relative to your specificities and needs, by integrating security solutions within your IS or by operating them.

In order to meet your needs in Operational Security, our fields of expertise are divided into three offers.

On-Premise & Cloud Infrastructure Security

With this offer, our teams guarantee organizations that the bases of protection are deployed in the IS, in terms of Cryptography, Infrastructure, Data and Network security.

Microsoft Ecosystem Security

Infrastructures based on Microsoft solutions are ubiquitous in corporate IS and are particularly targeted by attackers. Our teams can help you secure them.

MSSP-SOC Managed Security Services

Our experts are able to operate the integrated security solutions within our customers' IS and thus monitor the latter - analyzing logs and reacting to security incidents 24/7/365 through the Synetis Security Operation Center.

Finally, to better meet the specific security needs of our SME customers, Operational Security offers three "package" solutions.


The solution that makes it easy to manage data privacy with little impact on the user experience


In order to protect its unstructured data, from the implementation of the product to its operation, including its maintenance in operational condition


The SOC offer - which is based on a SIEM developed by Synetis - allows you to control costs related to detection tools and offers comprehensive cyber defense support.

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