Endpoint detection and response

Is EDR the only effective bulwark against ransomware?

Recognized as one of the best means of staving off ransomware, EDR complements or replaces traditional Antivirus. For optimal security, it is recommended to deploy this type of technology on workstations but also on servers and smartphones.

When deploying or choosing an EDR solution, Synetis brings its expertise to bear to help you answer a number of pertinent questions:

  • What is the added value of a EDR solution compared to my antivirus?
  • Should I keep or replace my Antivirus (EPP)?
  • How do I choose my EDR solution?
  • How can I succeed in deploying my EDR across my entire IT asset base (geographical areas and endpoint typologies)?
  • How can I analyze and exploit the information reported by the EDR solution? (SOC integration, managed service linked to the EDR solution, etc.).

Contrary to EPP, EDR brings the “Response” part which can take the form of different features, depending on the solutions and the chosen strategy. In particular, EDRs provide advanced investigation functionalities in the event of a proven or suspected incident (memory analysis, tracking of actions carried out, unitary or multiple endpoint investigation). In addition, some solutions enable the identification of vulnerabilities and respond automatically by providing corrections or blocking certain services. Another feature of potential interest are workstation rollbacks , implemented after a ransomware infection. It can also be of interest, on EDRs offering this possibility, to activate the prevention of data leaks .

EDRs are also known for being good at detecting APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and 0-day threats by identifying deviant behaviors (often via AI – Artificial Intelligence) and provide additional protection against traditional anti-virus software.
Note however that an EDR solution must be part of a more global endpoint security strategy that covers topics as varied as encryption, MDM, VPN, access control and DLP.

Synetis assists its customers in various activities related to Endpoint / EDR security:

  • Analysis of existing solutions
  • Scoping of the Endpoint Security Strategy and assistance with the choice of technical solutions (RFP, PoC)
  • Expertise in implementing and deploying solutions on a large scale
  • Change management
  • Project steering
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