PKI and Certificates

How to set up an efficient PKI and certificate management

Building trust services

Cryptographic uses are now commonplace at all levels whether for encryption, signature or non-repudiation. Digital trust has become a major issue and the uncontrolled proliferation of certificates may ultimately pose more problems than it solves.
Synetis offers different services and levels of expertise to bring the management of PKI and certificates under control.

With cryptographic use now commonplace, we sometimes forget that certificate management requires the implementation of robust devices and advanced skills. This is verified every day with PKI sometimes thrown together to “help” a project produce certificates. This “temporary” PKI is quite often extended to other projects for other uses without necessarily questioning the governance, the PC – Certification Policy or the CPDCertification Policy Statement (when they exist).

Today, there are PKI solutions, “practically-free”, that are adapted to certain use cases in certain contexts, but they are generally used for ease of use, without necessarily having an overall vision of future uses. Organizations then find themselves with several autonomous PKIs (sometimes several dozen), allowing very little interoperability. And this becomes a real headache when you have to identify which certificates will expire (or have already expired).

Synetis proposes a complete service offer around the management of certificates, the HSMs and the PKIs (Cloud or on-Premise), whether for a diagnostic, for a specific expertise , for the choice of a solution or for the scoping and definition of a more global strategy .

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