The turnkey cybersecurity offer is synonymous with peace of mind for SME Managers

Every boss of an SME or a mid-sized operation knows his risks very well since he has to deal with every day when managing his business. “Cyber risks” are however difficult to assess since they are very recent in the history of entrepreneurship and also very changeable in view of the current events. This is a source of “anguish” for any CEO who doesn’t have a dedicated and trained team in the field of cybersecurity.

Synetis proposes an offer based on a multidisciplinary team capable of setting up new security equipment, reviewing the Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP), responding to customer security annexes, and monitoring attacks on the Information System while providing appropriate reporting to management.

The Synetis C- SAAS (CyberSecAsAService) offer from Synetis to was born from many years of observation of SMEs and ITeS only calling for cybersecurity services once an incident has occurred. And once this incident is solved, things go back to normal… until the next incident. This reactive approach, while understandable, is difficult to maintain over time. As attacks become more frequent, organizations have no choice but to build cyberdefense devices and maintain a consistent course.

At Synetis, we know that what SMEs and mid-sized companies need in this regard: to have an anchor point in the world of cybersecurity allowing to continuously train the teams, to define a operational plan, to follow it and maintain it while operating a monitoring of the attacks and intervening on the incident response if necessary.

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