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Synetis, Varonis' partner of excellence

As we enter 2023, Synetis is proud to win - once again - one of Varonis' annual Partners in Excellence awards, as Growth Partner of the Year. This award supports the company's ongoing organic growth.

This program pays tribute to the various partners who have worked diligently to offer customers state-of-the-art data security in 2022.

Who is Varonis?

Since 2005, Varonis has been a pioneer in the field of data security and analysis.
Varonis focuses on protecting corporate data: sensitive files and emails, confidential customer, patient and employee data, financial data, strategic and product development plans, and other intellectual property.

The Varonis data security platform detects insider threats and cyber attacks by analyzing data, account activity, perimeter telemetry and user behavior. It prevents and limits attacks by identifying, classifying and locking down sensitive and unused data. Finally, it efficiently maintains a secure state thanks to the automation of its solution.

Why is this award important to us?

This award recognizes the ongoing quality of our work and our daily investment - in our customer relations and with our partner Varonis.

" Our partners work tirelessly to deliver unrivalled service to customers around the world. Each year, our Partners in Excellence awards recognize a select group of outstanding organizations for their teamwork, achievements and dedication, " explains Jim O'Boyle, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Varonis.
" This award rewards the investment of our technical teams with the achievement of Varonis Certified Delivery Partner (VCDP) certification in 2022 and helps assure our customers of our level of expertise. We are proud of this partnership and will continue to invest heavily in Varonis solutions," adds Frédéric Le Landais, Director of Operations at Synetis.