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Make sure your data is well protected!

Data security is a major issue for all companies and public organizations. Data breaches, which have been on the rise in recent years, take two main forms: data exfiltration and ransomware attacks. It is now imperative for every organization to effectively protect itself against these threats.

Synetis and Varonis have launched DataRun, a turnkey data protection offer!

Turnkey compliance and security!

The DataRun offering is a managed service including:

  • Subscription for Varonis solutions;
  • Deployment assistance for the Varonis Data Security Platform: for your On-Premise data, in the Cloud and through SaaS applications;
  • Managed solution management service by monitoring security alerts, continuously configuring Varonis solutions to detect new relevant threats and maintaining the solution in operational condition.

Guarantee the traceability of your data

The DataRun offering lets our experts know - in real time - who is accessing your data, when, how and from where, using a single web interface. It supports all major on-premise and cloud-based data management solutions.

Strengthen your regulatory compliance

The DataRun offer allows you to quickly comply with the various data protection regulations (such as the RGPD). To do this, Varonis solutions map and analyze your unstructured data in search of sensitive data. DataRun allows companies to be alerted without delay if some sensitive data is accessible without restriction.

Improve your threat detection

The DataRun offer analyzes the behavior of your users and generates alerts if they suddenly change their habits:

  • Logging in from a risky foreign country: is this the result of a user account hack?
  • Massive data download: is it data exfiltration?
  • Changes to a large number of documents in a short period of time: are we dealing with a ransomware attack?

Contact our experts!

Evaluate the benefits of the DataRun offering by requesting a free online POC to identify your exact needs.

As an MSSP, Synetis undertakes to operate the solution for you:

  • Alert management;
  • Customization to detect new threats;
  • Maintenance in operational conditions.

The preparatory stages take only two weeks and allow organizations to see the benefits of this new service in just a few days.