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Synetis supports its customers from the upstream scoping/consulting phases through to project management in the integration phase and deployment follow-up.

Digital Identity projects always have a strong organizational and functional connotation , but technical constraints are never to be neglected.


In such a context, it is important to have a trustworthy accompaniment with a real feedback on projects and solutions in order to be able to adopt a pragmatic and realistic approach.

Maturity audit

Digital identity is a vast topic for organizations - whether it's IGA, AM, DAG, PAM, CIAM and so on. What are the issues behind each of these topics? Is my organization mature on all these points? Am I really in compliance with current regulations?

At Synetis, we have developed a flash audit offer that enables you to analyze your organization's level of maturity on all these subjects in relation to the state of the art in IAM, taking into account the regulations to which you are subject, the needs of external auditors, as well as business requirements;

In just a few days, you'll be able to identify the weak points you need to remedy, as well as the strong points you need to capitalize on for future projects.

Consulting / Framing

Analyzing the existing situation is an essential step in the scoping mission. The objective is to bring out:

The definition of the target is based on the information gathered in the previous step. Following the findings of the analysis phase, Synetis proposes several potential targets, adapted to the customer’s context, which form the basis for workshops with the project team. The aim of these workshops is to define the target ecosystem, by combining the expertise of Synetis contributors with the ambitions of companies and organizations.

As each context is different, the scoping mission must be adapted and the best compromise found for each company and issue. Once the target has been validated, you need to determine the trajectory to reach the target. Possible trajectories are expressed by taking into account projects in adherence, planning targets set, budget constraints identified, etc.

This stage should make it possible to formalize the major projects to be launched, as well as the solution deployment strategy (application deployment, deployment by population, deployment by functionality, etc.). For each stage, the following information is provided:

Finally, the Project Plan provides information on workloads, schedules and costs, as well as the organization to be put in place, the players to be mobilized, the success factors, and so on. The scoping mission concludes with a final report, presented to all stakeholders. The aim is to share the approach taken and confirm the target and trajectory identified, in order to validate the launch of the project.

To ensure the success of a scoping mission, here are a few points to bear in mind:

To go further...

Synetis also helps its customers to choose choice of IAM solutions. Several approaches are possible, and the choice of methodology depends on the company in question:

AMOA - Project Management Assistance

During the project integration phase, Synetis provides project management assistance to the business lines:

Assistance with design phases: functional and technical specifications, technical architecture file;

Definition of the acceptance strategy: test strategy, test plan, data sets, etc. ;

Technical and functional acceptance of the solution ;

Preparing for deployment ;

Work on data quality.

Access Management at Synetis

More than 45 consultants dedicated to Access Management, with an average experience of over 5 years in the field of cyber security;

More than 8 active partnerships with major market players (Microsoft, Ilex International, InWebo, Okta, Ping Identity, CyberArk, Wallix / Trustelem, Yubico) and real expertise with other software publishers such as ForgeRock, Microsoft, OneLogin, etc. ;

Over 20 publisher certifications acquired;

More than 65 projects underway as of 01/08/2022 - including 40+ new projects in 2022 - of all sizes (from ten days to more than 250 days) and all types (scoping, audit, integration, TMA, CDS), with a commitment to results (fixed-price) or resources (time and materials).

Synetis is also able to organize project governance: project management, organization and coordination of committees, progress and risk monitoring, deployment follow-up, etc.

Finally, Synetis supports its customers in change management and communication activities, from raising awareness among the various players to training and running skills transfer sessions.

Synetis’ consulting and project management services enable us tosupport our customers across the entire digital identity perimeter:

Repository, lifecycle (processes), role model, request management, self-service, provisioning, recertification, audit and compliance, etc. ;

Security repository, application inventory, SSO (eSSO, Web SSO, identity federation), MFA and adaptive authentication, API security, etc. ;

Inventory of resources and rights, centralization of privileged accounts, session logging, password rotation, etc. ;

Data classification, rights inventory, document access certification, access request process, etc. ;

Customer repository, on-boarding / off-boarding, consent, self-service, progressive profiling, synchronization, etc.

Protection and monitoring of si

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