Prevent attacks and strengthen your cyber defense.

Today, digital technology is everywhere. Our work environments are increasingly extensive and connected, gaining in simplicity and accessibility. All these tools and endpoints are as indispensable as they are vulnerable, and are the guarantors of critical information and sensitive data. It is imperative to ensure the security of this data , to prevent flaws and vulnerabilities, and to anticipate threats to avoid any disastrous economic, image or strategic loss.


Advise and support you in the digital security of your company.

It is no longer a secret that the digital world is extremely sensitive to increasingly sophisticated risks and unprecedented cyberattacks, which target all users and infrastructures. It is therefore essential to deploy sustainable protection and threat management solutions.

Synetis is the leading independent consulting and technological expertise firm in Information Systems (IS) security. We support you in all your digital transformation projects, protect sensitive data and help you face the new challenges of cybersecurity.

Based in Paris and Rennes, and with offices in Toulouse and Marseille, Synetis covers the whole of France and its borders (Benelux, Switzerland, United Kingdom), being as close as possible to its customers - with over 300 employees.


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Know your level of exposure to cyber threats

Prevent and anticipate threats,
react to incidents

Organize and manage your cybersecurity

Controlling identities and access

Deploying technological solutions for IS protection

Responding to business needs

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