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As a consulting and technological expertise firm dedicated to Cybersecurity, Synetis is able to operate the IAM solutions deployed at its customers' sites and to ensure the monitoring of these platforms over time, whether they are on-prem solutions or SaaS solutions.

Synetis teams are also able to take over an already operational base after an audit phase, possibly followed by a platform upgrade phase.
After the service is opened to users, the Operational Maintenance phase is essential to guarantee the desired level of service over time.
This involves taking charge of corrective and preventive maintenance, ensuring that the service is running smoothly on a daily basis through regular checks, monitoring overall performance, etc.

This can also include support andassistance activities, complementing the customer's internal teams, to provide the level of expertise in case of incidents or questions.

The level of support can evolve over time, for example to support the development of the client's internal teams so that they become autonomous and provide a sustainable service.

Theiterative aspect of projects in the field of digital identity is to be taken into account and allows the extension of the perimeter through the evolutionary maintenance in charge of dealing with requests for change on the platform.

It can be minor evolutions taken care of via a continuous integration approach (Dev Ops) or more structural evolutions corresponding to complementary phases / batches.
These various activities can be ensured through a TMA contract or a shared or dedicated Service Center.

For mission-critical services, extended support can be provided during non-working hours and days(24/7 support).

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