Digital Identity

Control your identities and accesses!


The concept of Identity is at the heart of the use of IT systems, whether the setting be professional (employee, service provider, partner, subcontractor…) or general public (citizen, customer, simple prospect…).

The issues behind Digital Identity always converge on the question of trust. The objective is to ensure that the end user (individual, system, robot…) can perform the desired actions in the simplest possible way and with the expected level of security.

The field of Digital Identity (aka IAM – Identity and Access Management) is vast and can be broken down into different subfields of expertise depending on the type of user concerned or the nature of the challenge:

Our areas of expertise.

There are very high level of interaction between these different areas of digital identity and it is not unusual to combine several of them to meet a customer’s need.

The implementation of projects in the field of Digital Identity cannot be seen as a one-off action at a given time T; rather, it should be seen as part of the path that needs to be defined and supported over the long-term.

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