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MSSP, outsourced SOC, SIEM, incident detection and response...

What is the SOC by Synetis?

The SOC, Security Operations Center, is a central security brick. As the epicenter of cyber defense activities, the SOC centralizes information through a SIEM that provides our experts with complete visibility into Information System activity. It collects, analyzes and categorizes data from various sources - in just a few seconds. Detecting and reporting unusual events is faster than ever!


State-of-the-art detection and correlation technologies!

SOC by Synetis is an à la carte service of the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) type. It can be supported by EDR, MDR and XDR type technologies. Correlation is done using multi-criteria rules and/or machine learning.

Experts at your service!

Our analysts then exploit this log correlation 24/7 to gain an in-depth understanding of what is really happening on your IS.

Our experts are then able to :

  • Stepping back from all the alerts;
  • Identify anomalies and put them in context;
  • Understanding the threats;
  • React and block these threats in real time.

In addition, Synetis has an internal CERT with which the SOC maintains a very close relationship: Threat intelligence and escalations for example.

A dedicated SOC room in Rennes!

Thanks to our room, available by appointment, we can :
  • Strictly control the inputs/outputs of the SOC and, thus, ensure that the information processed will remain confidential;
  • Converge all the detection technologies that monitor your IS;
  • View relevant information on a video wall;
  • Enable experts to coordinate effectively and respond quickly to crisis situations.

Why choose the SOC by Synetis offer?

  • A team of experts 100% dedicated to your cyber defense, on alert 24 hours a day to monitor and intervene quickly against any incident;
  • Our offers and processes are entirely designed for you and tailored to your needs;
  • Integration, consulting and analysis: Synetis supports you with a diversity of profiles and skills - both technical and organizational.