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SYNETIS has developed a specific recruitment policy to detect young talents and "expert" profiles in our fields of activity. We are continuously integrating new employees in our Paris and Rennes agencies.

Our "talent detectors" are constantly listening to you in order to detect your professional aptitudes, understand your expectations and your career objectives.

Our objective: to build your professional project by giving it a new dimension, new perspectives and new challenges!

SYNETIS is committed to welcoming each new employee via a specific and personalized integration process:

Assignment of a sponsor HR referent who will guide you during your first steps at SYNETIS and throughout your career at Synetis ;

Integration into a business practice, depending on the profile of the new employee (Digital Identity practice, GRCConseil SSI, SSI Audit, Operational Security, etc....);

An annual reinforced HR follow-up will also allow you to take stock of your training needs and your career development wishes;

Throughout the year, you will be supervised by a Senior Manager who will set up regular interviews with you, which will allow us to build a precise career plan and a personalized follow-up. The objective is to promote your rise in competence in our various fields of activity.

Synetis is a collaborative, open-minded management style that listens to its employees so that everyone can develop fully within close-knit, proactive teams!

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Results obtained

  • Overall Score : 4.6 / 5
  • Recommendation rate: 94%.

Synetis, a company
Happy At Work !


SYNETIS has received the "Happy At Work" and "Tech At Work" labels and the ChooseMyCompany 2022 and Wemanity accreditation in the HappyIndex®AtWork category. Synetis is also an Agile Index certified company!

Based 100% on the opinions of employees, the HappyIndex®AtWork label rewards the organizations in which employees are the most motivated.

Career follow-up

Joining Synetis means giving yourself the means to evolve rapidly in the cybersecurity field.

From your first day, we will give you visibility on our career paths. You will be able to imagine your professional trajectory and co-construct with us - without wasting time - your associated personal development plan. 

It is also possible for you, at Synetis, to create your job of tomorrow in order to develop our current job repository.

At Synetis, there are many opportunities for advancement, and they often come quickly.

To accelerate this professional growth, you will have access to internal and external training, including those of our rich network of partners.

More than your years of experience, it is your level of competence that we will consider during our career committees - thus applying a meritocratic model. 

You have a professional ambition? Synetis will offer you the opportunity and the means to achieve it!

All Synetis managers follow an in-house training course - led by our HRD.

This program is based on thematic capsules - regular meetings - that allow our managers to take a closer look at their activities, to share their best practices and to familiarize themselves with concrete tools to better support their teams.

These privileged moments are spread out over a whole year. Two levels of training are offered and the third is already under construction!

SYNETIS obtains a score of 89/100 in the Gender Equality Index!

Each year, all companies with more than 50 employees must calculate and publish their gender equality index with the DIRECCTE and on their website.

This tool, set up last year by the Ministry of Labor, measures gender equality in companies through 5 indicators and fights against possible pay gaps.

This excellent result is the result of an equal pay policy that is an integral part of Synetis' strategy, values and culture.


Find the Global CSR policy policy of Synetis.

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