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SYNETIS has developed a specific recruitment policy to detect young talents and “specialist” profiles in our fields of activity. We are continuously welcoming new people in our offices in Paris and Rennes.

Our “talent detectors” are constantly listening to you in order to comprehend your professional inflammations, expectations and career goals.

Our goal is to help you build your professional project by giving it a new dimension, new perspectives and new challenges!

Why join us?

SYNETIS is committed to welcoming each new employee through a specific integration process:

  • A mentor for guidance during onboarding.
  • You are oriented depending on your profile (Digital Identity practice, ISS consulting, ISS audit, etc.).
  • Annual HR follow-up to take stock of your training needs and your career-development wishes.
  • Throughout the year, you, as a consultant, will be supervised by a Senior Manager who will set up regular interviews, for the purpose of building a precise career plan with personalized follow-up. The objective is to promote the development of each person’s skills in our different areas of activity.

SYNETIS is a collaborative management, decompartmentalized and attentive to the employees’ needs so that everyone can fully develop within tightly knit and proactive teams!


SYNETIS received the labels “Happy At Work” and “Agile Company” and the accreditation ChooseMyCompany 2018 and Wemanity in the category HappyIndex®AtWork and Agile Index!

Based entirely on the opinion of the employees, the HappyIndex®AtWork label rewards organizations in which the employees are the most motivated.

Overall rating: 4.3 / 5
Referral rate: 82.8% .
French ranking score of 8.6

AgileAtWorkIndex® aims to determine the level of receptivity of employees in French companies to Agile methods and culture, a key consideration in an experienced-based economy.

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