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Synetis, with its experience in the banking sector, can help you establish your compliance with the CSP. In addition, all the know-how of the audit team, in particular through intrusion tests, can be put at your service to validate the measures implemented on your SWIFT holdings as well as all the networks that access them.

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a cooperative society under Belgian law founded in 1973 with the idea of providing standards for data exchange between financial institutions. It is owned by its members, which include some of the world's largest banks.

Today, SWIFT provides a global interbank messaging network for the use of financial institutions (banks, trading rooms, large corporations). Due to the extreme sensitivity of the messages passing through this network and the increasing threats to the organization and its customers, SWIFT implemented in 2017 the Customer Security Programme, which imposes on its customers a certain number of checkpoints (mandatory or advised) concerning the security of their IT network.
For SWIFT, the application of security measures among all its users is crucial as the compromise of a single customer can lead to chain reactions throughout the network.

These control points must be the subject of an annual self-assessment by the customer, coupled with an audit that can be conducted by an external service provider such as Synetis.

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