cybersecurity monitoring

The CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) approach implemented by Synetis, in addition to writing up adapted procedures, produces a monthly newsletter on cybersecurity issues (vulnerabilities, alerts and threats, cybersecurity and regulatory news, etc) for decision-makers.

The CERT activity set up by Synetis provides relevant and contextualized monitoring of new cybersecurity events that appear every day. Each article is written by a team of experts, cross-referencing several sources and then synthesized to bring together the most relevant information. Divided into five main themes, the monthly newsletter keeps you informed about new threats, legal and regulatory events or the publication of a new tool.

As part of the development of your preventive and reactive capabilities against cyber attacks, Synetis, a reactive and efficient partner, can accompany you.

Every month, Synetis CERT produces a cybersecurity newsletter with the following:

  • Vulnerability reports, alerts and threat notifications
  • Cybersecurity and ISS news, national and international
  • Regulatory and legal news, national and international
  • Underground corner (major leaks present on the Darknet, known exploits)
  • Security toolbox
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