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When it comes to cybersecurity, for any organization, security has become a key issue. Faced with the multiplication of cyber attacks and massive information leaks observed daily, organizations remain vulnerable and exposed.
Synetis' GRC practice is made up of experienced experts and multi-skilled consultants who have held CISO positions in companies. Each member of the team contributes his or her expertise and participates in the development of Synetis' skills and knowledge base.

risk management

SSI master plan

Issues: Improving the safety function, anticipating and organizing work sites and investments.

Sample approach:

Information Systems Security Policy

Challenges: Build the security documentation base, provide a framework and set a target, and define the applicable requirements.

Sample approach:

SSI maturity diagnosis

Issues: Assessthe level of cyber security at 360° to identify vulnerabilities and priority areas of work with regard to the issues at stake.

Sample approach:

Time-sharing CISO

Challenges: Provide expertise in the management of security, support the implementation of projects and cyber security sites.

Sample approach:

Protection and monitoring of

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