Identify, analyze and treat risks!



Synetis, with its agile and operational approach, is able to support SMEs and large companies from the definition, to the implementation and control of Cybersecurity.

Our approach is pragmatic, brings a 360° vision of your security, allows budget optimization by focusing on your major risks, and is a possible starting point for a roadmap.

risk management

Risk mapping and analysis

Challenges: Identify sensitive data and processes with regard to impacts, build attack scenarios and assess the company's risks.

Sample approach:

Integration of security in projects

Challenges: Build, tool and industrialize the consideration of security issues and risks in the context of daily projects.

Sample approach:

Remediation and risk treatment plan

Issues: Identify risk reduction actions and projects in relation to issues, risk criticality, priorities and available resources.

Sample approach:

Support for the implementation of the PSI

Challenges: Support project, IT and security teams in identifying, analyzing and dealing with security risks in the context of projects.

Sample approach:

Protection and monitoring of

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