TARGET - Maturity and Compliance

Thanks to its agile and operational approach, Synetis is able to support SMEs and large companies with the Definition, Implementation and Monitoring of Cybersecurity.
Our approach is pragmatic, provides a 360° vision of your security, allows budget optimization by focusing on your major risks, and is a possible starting point for a roadmap.

Target: 360° Diag

You are the CIO of an SME, in charge of IT Security. You want to carry out a Security Review , with a view to drafting a Cyber roadmap for the future, or to prepare the arrival of your future CISO.

And so, you want to be able to prepare a diagnosis in order to:

  • Identify your major risks your company faces, and by so doing, remain on top of these risks;
  • Know your level of computer hygiene with regard to the 42 Control Points set out in the hygiene guide published by ANSSI (the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems).
  • Prevent leakage of your most critical data;
  • Audit the quality of passwords.

Synetis brings you its 360° Diagnosis offer based around 4 modules:

  • Major Risk Management
  • Critical Data Protection;
  • Computer Hygiene;
  • Password Quality Assessment
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