Incident Response

As part of the development of your ability to preventively and reactively combat cyber attacks, Synetis, as a reactive and effective partner, can support you.

Once an intrusion is detected, the Time factor is of the essence in the fight against the attackers. The CERT incident response calls Synetis… we send our specialists to the scene of the attack…. this rapid response makes it possible to set up the technical barriers to circumscribe the attack. CERT specialists are there to support the company in understanding the threat and to define a precise framework to establish a plan adapted to each company.

The Synetis incident response is based on research published by the SANS Institute.

Following an incident, thanks to its experience, the Synetis teams are able to accompany you with a proportionate reaction, doing so within a timeframe adapted to the situation.


In the field of computer attack response, Synetis experts in incident response first identify the “patient zero” system and possibly the attack vector. After this initial Containment, we then move on to Eradication and Remediation. Finally, the response to an incident, in IT, ends with Restoration and then Capitalization.

To conclude, therefore, in the case of a proven compromise or a cyber attack (already over or still in progress), our CERT team proposes an incident response as quickly as possible in order to remedy the problem and then prepares a bespoke action plan corresponding to your needs.

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