Governance Risks Compliance

Organizing, scoping and managing risks and cybersecurity!


When it comes to Cybersecurity, and regardless of the organization (firm, etc.), security has become a key issue Faced with the multiplication of cyber attacks and massive information leaks observed on a daily basis, organizations remain vulnerable and exposed… Synetis, thanks to its agile and operational approach, is able to support SMEs and large companies, from the Definition to the Implementation and the Verification of cybersecurity.

As an GRC Consultancy, we have experienced and versatile consultants, who brought their CISO skills when they joined. Each team member brings their expertise, and plays their part in developing our skills and knowledge bases. They pay particular attention to the quality of the work produced, the deliverables as well as the support of the customer (project owner, etc.). The deliverables produced by Synetis consultants are:

  • Rigorous – Relevant – Precise
  • Methodical – Pragmatic
  • Our people bring high added-value and best-in-breed quality to their work in the sector concerned by the service we are rendering.

Our areas of expertise.

IT Security Consulting.