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Managed Security Services

Synetis' SecOp managed service offering (MSSP) allows you to focus on your core business issues by entrusting the security of your information system (IS) to a trusted partner.
From the solution integration phase, and throughout the life of your project, our experts support you in the operation of these solutions and advise you on the changes to be made - whether technical or strategic.

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Why have a security manager?

The resurgence of attacks is no longer a matter of dispute. To protect themselves against these attacks, companies are increasingly having to deploy technical countermeasures. This addition of various solutions has a major impact on the workload of their teams, and the maintenance of these solutions can give rise to new problems: lack of expertise in the solutions, undersized operating workloads, etc.
The introduction of managed services is a major response to this situation. By entrusting the operation and maintenance of these tools to a trusted player, you can concentrate on your business challenges, while maintaining visibility on the essential actions requiring your support!


What is the MSSP SecOp?

Operational Security managed services allow you to benefit from all of Synetis' expertise, whether it be in incident detection or maintenance of your network equipment, or in the protection of your most precious assets: your data.

Managed services: from protection to detection

The endpoint, also known as the terminal or endpoint, is the preferred point of entry for the majority of cyberattacks. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to have advanced protection against these threats.

Endpoint Detect & Response ( EDR) solutions are an effective response to this problem. These solutions, anchored in the systems, have an increased visibility of suspicious behaviors as well as a verbosity of the log s that is much higher than the previous solutions - offering much more information to the security teams than the traditional antivirus solutions.

This new information flow is a precious help for incident analysis, allowing you to easily trace the history of each action (creation of new processes, downloading of a binary, alteration of system files, etc.). This history allows you to accelerate the decision making process regarding the veracity of the incident, as well as the remediation actions to be taken.

As the name suggests, EDR is more than just a detection tool, as it provides response capabilities far beyond those of traditional antivirus software - such as network isolation of the asset, restoration of system files corrupted by malware, or in some cases, full recovery of a workstation after it has been encrypted.

Thanks to Synetis' Operational Security MSSP offer, you can entrust us - with complete peace of mind - with the management of incidents by direct detection (via the solution's detection) or indirect detection (via the Threat Hunting activity), as well as the maintenance of the solution.




Although the endpoint is important to identify the first breaches, your network remains the nervous system of your Information System. The latter has a predetermined nominal behavior according to your organization, any deviation of which leads to a suspicion of cyber-attack.

NDR (Network Detect & Response) probes fully meet this need. Embedded with a machine learning engine, they learn the nominal behavior of your network in order to identify any deviant action. In addition, and in order to accelerate the analysis of incidents, these tools make available their knowledge base of attackers' methods (Cyber Threat Intelligence - CTI), and correlate this collected information.

In order to limit the propagation of attacks, NDRs also allow for remediation actions, such as the automatic blocking of network flows (internal or external) as well as the quarantine of affected assets.

As with EDR solutions, you can entrust incident management through direct detection (via solution detection) or indirect detection (via threat hunting activity) as well as solution maintenance to our qualified experts.


Our partner solutions : GATEWATCHER

Vulnerabilities in various systems are constantly evolving. Everyone remembers the discovery of the Log4Shell vulnerability, and the implications it had on asset security and on the mobilization of operational teams to identify vulnerable assets and apply countermeasures. Thus, it becomes vital to have a vision of the application landscape of one's company, and to know the weaknesses to be corrected.

Vulnerability management solutions meet this need. They have the ability to perform scans, according to specific models, in order toidentify the presence and severity of vulnerabilities, and to manage the remediation to be done. In addition, the network asset discovery feature ensures the completeness of the monitored perimeter, while addressing issues related to Shadow IT.

Our experts will support you in the ongoing configuration of the solution, as well as in the execution of scheduled or ad hoc scans. In addition, thanks to our SecOp Managed Security Service Provider offer, we analyze all reported vulnerabilities for you in order to advise you on the most appropriate remediation plan for your issues and environments.


Our partner solutions : TENABLE | CYBERWATCH | HACKUITY

Messaging is still the preferred vector for attackers to carry out their cyber attacks. It is therefore fundamental to be able to protect all the end-users of your environment, and therefore the Information System, from these continuous attacks.

By acting directly on the messaging system, and upstream of the user's possible actions, it becomes possible to protect the potential impacts of a malicious email.

Synetis can thus take charge ofanalyzing the alerts raised by the solution, and take the necessary actions to contain the threats.


Our partner solutions : VADESECURE

Managed service offerings


The SOC, or Security Operation Center, is the nerve center of cybersecurity.
It concentrates all the elements necessary to supervise the security of the Information System, and allows you to customize the detection strategy in accordance with the context and risks related to your business.

In this context, Synetis offers you the SOC by Synetis


Managing your infrastructure

Maintenance of your network equipment

Detecting security incidents is one thing, but correctly configuring your equipment is another. Through a team of experts, Synetis assists you in carrying out all the current operations necessary for the proper functioning of your network equipment, such as maintenance operations.


Our partner solutions: PALO ALTO | FORTINET | STORMSHIELD

Protection of your data

Encryption of your data

The encryption of your data allows you to guarantee the confidentiality of your data, while ensuring the legitimacy of their access.

In this context, Synetis offers you the Go Encrypt


Controlling your data

Your data is your most valuable asset. Attacks that can impact them - whether for the purpose of destruction via ransomware or for the purpose of information theft - are increasingly present. It becomes necessary to increase its control, and to have a complete vision of the actions impacting them.

In this context, Synetis offers you the DataRun

Protection and monitoring of

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