Concrete actions for diversity in companies

In a company on a human scale but with an international presence, with subsidiaries in France and Switzerland (for our part), the plurality and diversity of employees within the structure is reinforced by recurring exchanges.

As the diversity of our teams is a key performance value, we attach great importance to it. As a result, managers are made aware of the issue of diversity, under the dual supervision of the project managers in each business unit and the Human Resources Department. In this way, we are able to regularly measure the absence of any difference in treatment (salary, training, promotion, recruitment) between employees.

Secondly, the company's Human Resources policy is to recognize and value the skills and know-how of each and every employee, as an integral part of the Group's strategy and performance. As such, we attach no importance to the social, cultural or ethnic origins of our employees.

We also strive to promote diversity within our workforce. The men and women of the company can express their cultural diversity and are managed without discrimination.

Keen to formalize our commitments to fundamental human rights, their implementation and promotion, on June 25, 2012 we defined and adopted a customized Charter setting out the values and principles we consider essential, including cultural, ethnic and social diversity.

Raising awareness and training :

A wide range of actions have been taken to raise awareness and train employees, including :

  • Presentation of an annual report to the Group's representative bodies in order to review our Human Resources policy, working conditions, workforce trends and training. This report also presents, among other things, the various measures taken by our company in terms of recruitment and diversity management.
  • Intra-subsidiary mobility for employees.
  • Raising employee awareness of the Group's core values: transparency, diversity and autonomy.
  • Training the Human Resources team in recruiting and welcoming new employees.
  • Our company's commitment to employee employability.

Objectivize your processes :

We have established a genuine policy of integrating employees and providing them with personalized support. To this end, the company has developed a Human Resources strategy focused on the transmission of knowledge and the development of employee skills. To this end, a Human Resources management system has been put in place, in particular to manage employees' careers on an individual basis, as we aim to give everyone fair opportunities for recruitment, employment and mobility.

As such, the company has no filters when hiring employees. Whether in terms of discrimination and/or selection criteria, the Group and its subsidiaries attach no importance to the origin, age, gender or disability of its applicants.

To guarantee this recruitment and career management procedure, several internal controls are in place:

  • Firstly, the recruitment unit checks the monthly reports of the Human Resources Managers on the month's recruitments.
  • This unit is itself supervised and controlled by General Management.
  • Lastly, as part of the annual social audit, management carries out an overall check to ensure that practices have been properly taken into account, and in particular that recruitment is non-discriminatory.

Furthermore, since 2013, all technical and functional profiles have been subject to anonymous standard tests, ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates.

Recruit and promote differently:

We have implemented a genuine diversity recruitment policy:

  • Our business requires the presence of both junior and senior experts, which is why we recruit from all age brackets.
  • Intra-branch mobility and an organization that allows each new employee to be integrated.

The company's management policy ensures that its employees' career development is based solely on their skills. In this way, we ensure the development of our employees and their employability.

Communicating :

In a context of continuous improvement and performance, the diversity of our employees is one of the Group's core values.

The company is committed to communicating its diversity objectives on a regular basis. This approach helps to mobilize employees over the long term around a corporate culture and a unifying development project.

Evaluate and publicize its actions:

An annual social report is drawn up to assess, among other things, the actions taken to promote diversity. A number of indicators have been set up in different areas, and these are included annually in a scorecard that enables the Group to measure its progress. The results are presented annually to all employees.

Here's an example of the different indicators implemented within our company:

  • The workforce
  • The different nationalities of our employees
  • Input and output flows
  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Health and safety conditions, including workplace accidents and occupational risk prevention

Our company regularly demonstrates its commitment to non-discrimination and diversity within the Group by promoting equal employment opportunities for all individuals, always in line with the company's basic principle: the company's performance comes precisely from the complementarity of knowledge and skills.

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